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A Grandfather's Three Big Ideas for Justin Bieber

Dear Justin -

I'm a grandfather. I've got six grandsons - can't believe it! One is almost your age.
So when I read about your speeding trouble and saw you in a jail jumpsuit last week, my grandfather's heart was sad.
I know you've gotten it all from people. Affection. Attack. Sympathetic. Snarky.
I know you've been blessed with a tsunami of success. Man, who knew? When you were shooting those little YouTube videos, who could have imagined all the massive hits you'd have, all the fans going crazy over you?
And all the choices you'd have because you could do and have anything you want. That's a pretty heavy backpack for a 19-year-old guy to carry.
With all the people slamming you and all the people sweet-talking you, I thought you might be ready for a couple of big ideas from a grandfather's heart. Let's say we're taking a slow walk on a long beach. Here's what I'd want to tell you...

Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana and Our Kids

"She let us down." 

That's what one ten-year-old said about Miley Cyrus' more-than-suggestive performance at the MTV Awards. That little girl nailed it.

Miley's romp - looking all "little girl" - became an obscene public display of stripper moves and sexual suggestion. Unfortunately, now it's popping up on newscasts.

She was once the innocent Disney girl, Hannah Montana. I guess she feels that shedding clothes will shed that image. And she's important to a lot of young girls. Who she really did let down.

Native PSAs

Hope for Native America PSAs

AIR DATE: Immediately

Dear Radio Friend, God has burdened Ron Hutchcraft's heart for the often forgotten mission field of the Native Americans from North America.

Ten Ways to Pray After a Very Dark Day

Ten Ways to Pray After a Very Dark Day

Virtually every official or news anchor who reports on the Boston Marathon tragedy asks us to pray. Scripture asks, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Then it answers with this incredibly reassuring reality: "The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord is on His heavenly throne" (Psalm 11:3-4). Prayer allows us to go to that Throne from which the galaxies are governed and focus all the resources of a loving God on the people and pain of Boston. As we focus on what the Bible reveals of who God is, we will know how to pray powerfully, effectively and decisively.

Easter and Lincoln's Last Wish

Dear "A Word With You" radio partner,

As we all prepare for Good Friday and Easter Sunday I want to share with you two audio segments that Ron Hutchcraft recorded yesterday for you.
"Lincoln's Last Wish" and "Easter - The Rock that Rolled and Rocked the World" are Audio Blogs that can be aired this week.
Ron has been blogging for about three years but was recently asked to put these blogs in the form of audio commentaries for radio partners like you.