Easter and Lincoln's Last Wish

Dear "A Word With You" radio partner,

As we all prepare for Good Friday and Easter Sunday I want to share with you two audio segments that Ron Hutchcraft recorded yesterday for you.
"Lincoln's Last Wish" and "Easter - The Rock that Rolled and Rocked the World" are Audio Blogs that can be aired this week.
Ron has been blogging for about three years but was recently asked to put these blogs in the form of audio commentaries for radio partners like you.

The content of these audio blogs will be based on a current event or topic that is prominent in our culture. Ron Hutchcraft will present timely inspiration and motivation for your listeners.
The format is designed for you to insert or use in your morning or afternoon drive segments almost as part of the conversation about Easter.
We hope that these will be useful to your station as you try to reach your community for Christ. Please provide your feedback and input. Let us know if these audio blogs are helpful, and how we can make them better.
Thank you for your partnership! Please scroll down and you'll see a description for each audio blog.
Contact: Brenda Rush, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone: 870-741-3300

Audio Blog By Ron Hutchcraft
Air Dates: Tuesday, March 26 through Friday, March 29
Theme: Easter
Title: "Easter - The Rock that Rolled, and Rocked the World"
Intro copy: Our culture teaches that "there are many ways to get to God." As we look to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, Ron Hutchcraft has some timely insights on the rock that rolled, and then rocked the world...
Length: 3:14

Audio Blog By Ron Hutchcraft
Air Dates: Thursday, March 28 through Friday, March 29
Theme: Good Friday; Abraham Lincoln
Title: "Lincoln's Last Wish"
Intro copy: Steven Spielberg, director and producer of the movie Lincoln, recently announced that he is sending DVD copies of the movie to schools all across America. With Lincoln still on the minds of many, Ron Hutchcraft shares how Lincoln's Last Wish is very much at the heart of Good Friday...
Length: 3:18