Ron Hutchcraft is passionate about sharing the Gospel consistently, and clearly, on radio.

Ron is a veteran of Christian radio, and knows how to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus in a way lost people will respond. Through short stories, and creative hooks, Ron identifies with a lost listener, and clearly explains the hope of Jesus and His cross.

For over 20 years, Ron has partnered with Need Him Global, writing and voicing hundreds of Gospel "Rescue spots," to introduce your lost listeners to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These spots have helped contribute to countless conversations of people seeking to know more about Jesus, with many choosing to begin a personal relationship with Christ.

Many spots are seasonal, with Christmas spots as the most popular. Use these as part of your Christmas music rotation, and help rescue people with the Good News of Jesus.

Recently, Ron has included all three of his adult children, who write and voice their own spots: Lisa Hutchcraft Whitmer, Doug Hutchcraft, and Brad Hutchcraft -- each with their own unique style, but maintaining the same clear Gospel you can trust from RHM.

Use these spots as tools to introduce your station's lost listeners to the person of Jesus Christ. And you can trust the follow-up of Need Him Global, with trained evangelism counselors via phone, online, or chat.

Thank you for your partnership, and your commitment to rescue by radio!

For more information about Need Him Global, visit https://needhim.org/