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Individual mp3 and pdf files in Spanish for July 2015 "A Word With You" programs.


audio 2015-07-20_Dont-Run-Over-Your-Gift.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-17_New-Glasses.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-17_New-Glasses.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-16_The-Mission-and-the-Pain.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-16_The-Mission-and-the-Pain.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-15_Unnecessary-Drowning.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-15_Unnecessary-Drowning.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-14_Big-Ears.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-14_Big-Ears.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-13_Breaking-the-Gimme-Barrier.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-13_Breaking-the-Gimme-Barrier.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-10_Answer-Begins-With-an-R.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-10_Answer-Begins-With-an-R.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-09_Mothers-Voice-Is-Still-There.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-09_Mothers-Voice-Is-Still-There.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-08_Three-Ways-Any-Captain-Can-Sink-His-Ship.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-08_Three-Ways-Any-Captain-Can-Sink-His-Ship.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-07_Hungry-For-Something-More.pdf Popular

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audio 2015-07-07_Hungry-For-Something-More.mp3 Popular

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pdf 2015-07-06_The-Longer-It-Waits-The-Harder-It-Gets.pdf Popular

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